A Glimpse of Scottish Architecture

Scotland is one of my favourite place for old and unique architecture. A glimpse of Scottish  architecture send a strong message of it culture, people and great history. The city of Edinburgh is very famous for it historical attractions, I did enjoyed my tour around the city of Edinburgh where many of the buildings are constructed for Stone fabric.

9 Responses to “A Glimpse of Scottish Architecture”
  1. cocomino says:

    Great architecture and well kept.
    Keeping old architecture is difficult in Japan because most architecture is made of wood and it takes much money to repair well.

  2. bercton says:

    Did not Know of Tadao Ando but after looking at the link you sent me he ranks well among some famous architects like Le Corbusier and other. Thank you for an informative link!

  3. aRVee says:

    great architecture… thanks for sharing…

  4. Russell Cavanagh says:

    Where did you take that first photo??? As a Scot (admittedly living in England), I can’t imagine the English flag flying, as it does in your picture, above a Scottish building!!!


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