A snap at some Housing and parking in Wallington UK

During my walk to the library on Sunday I was able to snap this photo showcasing the order of the housing and style of architecture in this area of Wallington, United Kingdom. The photo tell a story of the street parking and footpath as well as a quiet neighbourhood that capture my attention. This type of traditional architecture is typical of most European style Where timber, concrete and brick were used in the construction process.

7 Responses to “A snap at some Housing and parking in Wallington UK”
  1. cocomino says:

    Hmmm.The parking space doesn’t seem to have a lot in UK.
    Same to Japan.
    It is difficult to find street parking.

  2. This photo reminds me of a suburban town in the US. At least it has better parking there, than here in NYC lol. Nice post

  3. bananabatman says:

    Parking is also a big problem where I live in Yeovil. Much of the problem is brought about by the planners supporting the build of more and more flats, where no, or insufficient, parking is provided. Many local houses are also converted to flats.

    This leads the car owners to seek out any possible parking spot, either on the roads, or worse, on other people’s property. Many approach roads are effectively blocked to delivery and emergency vehicles.

    In the current car owning society it is the local planners responsibility to ensure that more appropriate car parking is made available wherever they support developments of flats and apartments. The authorities also need to police illegal parking more effectively.

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