Some of the World Smallest Residential Buildings

The sliver house located in London, England with a dimension of approximate 3 meter wide (10ft) sandwich between the surrounding brick buildings with building fabric constructed out of glass tells a story of space and cost management.

The Singel 166 house located in Amsterdam, the Netherlands is one of the narrowest house tightly squeezed between the adjacent buildings with distinguished red brick fabric. This building also tells a story of space and cost management.

8 Responses to “Some of the World Smallest Residential Buildings”
  1. hana ryan says:

    wow! these are incredible!

  2. Mary Royers says:

    That’s absolutely insane, I’ve never heard of these before. Pardon the long link, but have you ever heard of tumbleweed houses? I feel like they’re an American version of this.

  3. bananabatman says:

    There are also some very narrow houses in Old Hanoi, Vietnam, but I am afraid that I don’t have any photos of them since we didn’t visit those streets. They are very long, to make up for the lack of width. I’m not sure if they are less than 3 metres, but they will come close.

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